2019-02-28 Lund

09 April 2019 à 00:00

Rear side from left to right:

Malika Grim-Yefsah, Ana Paul Falcão Flor, Mohammadbagher Ghahramani, Mohammed Al-Maliki, Mohamed Saleh Almahfali, Eimuntas Parseliunas, Khaled Khanbari, Alexandre Gonçalves, Ara Toomanian

Front rank from left to right:

Yousef Rezaei, Jalal Othman, Ali Mansourian, Micael Runström, Petter Pilesjö, Mohamed Saleh Al-Shalabi, Rohollah Bayat, Naser Barati, Mahdi Farnaghi, Pascal Barbier


Meeting took place on 2019 February 28 to 2019 March 01

The aim of the first Kick off meeting is to meet most of the key contact persons that will be actively involved in the project to discuss details concerning preparation, tasks and responsibilities, and execution. They are expected to express their opinions and generate a consolidated work plan and status report.



Project EMME