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About University

Imam Khomeini International University (IKIU), founded in 1991 in Qazvin Province, with the purpose of promoting science and culture at the international level. The university is involved in training dedicated experts from different countries and nations, alongside promoting the development of higher education in Iran. It also endeavors to provide the required setting for the development of research and innovation in Iran and transferring it to other countries. The IKIU is equipped with the world biggest center for Persian Language Teaching (PLT). It has also the first research center for Future Studies in the Middle-East.

The Department of Urban Planning in the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Development was established in 2002. This department includes both Urban Planning and Urban Design disciplines. Currently, six full-time staff members are working in the department and about 150 students are studying in this department at BSc and MSc levels.


Role in the project

University of Qazvin Imam Khomeini will be involved in the following activities:

  • Gathering the Iranian information collection and analysis of local needs
  • Participation in all meetings including steering committee meetings
  • Participation and organization of the ToT sessions
  • Participation in dissemination/exploitation events
  • Organizing a tender for equipment


Project Members



  • Naser Barati

Dr. Naser Barati is an associate professor at the Department of Urban Planning at IKIU. He received his Ph.D. from Edinburg University in 1997. He has been involved in different research projects at local and provincial level in Iran, such as development of the “Strategic Development Plan (CDS) of Qazvin City”, “Strategic Development Plan for the New City of Hashtgerd”, and “Managerial Studies of Agricultural Land Use Changes in Iran: Case Study of Qazvin and Guilan Provinces”. Having worked on urban development projects, Dr. Barati has an extensive knowledge of environmental management problems and issues at the urban level and be the contact person and project manager in IKIU. He has been teaching at BSc, MSc, and PhD level at different universities in Iran and has a good knowledge of higher education system of Iranian universities.

  • Naser Barati

Some of his publications are:

  • Barati, N., N. Falah, and M. Piroozgar. "Evaluating the Effects of Environmental Renovation Projects on Behavioral Pattern of Users in Space." International Journal of Engineering and Technology 6.5 (2014): 358.

  • Barati. Naser & Others (2016); Recognition the Principles of Regeneration the Values of Historical Aria with Emphasis for Theories and International Documents; DAV International Journal of Sciences; No. 12, India.

  • Barati. Naser & Others (2016); Urban Regeneration of Mehdi – al – Gadam Neighborhood for Resisting Ethnic and Religions; European online Journal of Natural and Social Sciences, No. 1, 2016; Turkey.

  • Barati. Naser & Others (2015); The Feasibility Study of Establishing a Passive Defense System to Reduce the Vulnerability of the Cities (A Case study of the Shabarghan Town in Jozjan Province in Afghanistan) – Mitteilungen Saechsischer Entomologen – Vol. 115; Germany.

  • Barati. Naser & Others (2015); Evaluation of Architectural Creativity in Design of Existing Industrial Units (Case Study: Industrial Units in Caspian Industrial Park, Qazvin; International Journal of Review in Life Sciences: No. 5; India.



  • Hassan Ahmadi

Dr. Hassan Ahmadi, has got his PhD in Urban Planning from Tehran University in 2000 and has been teaching various courses related to urban planning in IKIU, Guilan University, Tehran University, and Shahid Beheshti University. He is currently a staff member of the Urban Development department of Guilan University which jointly works with the Department of Urban Planning of IKIU.

  • Hassan Ahmadi

A short list of his publications:

  • Hassan Ahmadi, Nader Zali and Seyed Mohammadreza Faroughi,"An analysis of regional disparities situation in the East Azarbaijan province", Journal of urban and environmental engineering, 2013, v.7, n.1 p. 183-194.

  • Hasan Ahmadi, Shima Dadfar and Naser Azimi, "Functional evaluation of Mazandaran province using factor analysis, numerical taxonomy and cluster analysis", Armanshahr, Journal of Architecture, Urban Design and Urban planning, spring – summer 2013, pp: 253-263.

  • Hassan Ahmadi and Sara Feli, “The Study of Urban Green Space status in compact Cities, (Case study: Ekbatan district of Tehran), In Acta Cirúrgica Brasileira, Vol. 30 no.2, Sao Paulo, Feb.2015.pp:293- 306.

  • Hassan Ahmadi, M. Karami and K. Karami, “Environmental assessment of construction and utilization of tourism projects in Karun dam IV Iran”, in Caspian journal of environmental science, 2016, Vol. 14 No.2 pp. 165-175.

  • Hassan Ahmadi, Ramin Rezaei shahabi, Vahid Hajipour and Simin Afshar,“ Investigating factors affecting citizenship culture (case study: Zanjir quarter in Urmia),” in International Journal of Geo science and Environmental Planning, vol.1, No.3,August 2016,pp:38- 44.



  • Nadieh Fallah

Nadia Falah has a Master Degree in Urban and Regional Planning (2013) and bachelor in urbanism (2010) both from Imam Khomeini International University (IKIU). She is now a member of Urban Planning Center of IKIU. She has been involved in different research projects at local and provincial levels in Iran.

  • Nadieh Fallah

Some of her publications are:

  • Barati, N., N. Falah, and M. Piroozgar. "Evaluating the Effects of Environmental Renovation Projects on Behavioral Pattern of Users in Space.", 2014, International Journal of Engineering and Technology 6.5, 358.

  • Barati, N., N. Falah, M. Pirozgar, 2012, "The Effects of Side Walk Space Changes on the Pedestrian's Pattern
    Behaviors", First International Conference On the city life, Tehran, Iran, March 5-6.

  • Falah, N., M. S. Farahza, N. Falah. "Assessment of Satisfaction of Residents of Mehr Housing Complexes Case Study Mehregan, Qazvin", 2th International Conference On Sustainable Architecture & Urbanism, MARCH11-12 2016, UAE, Dubai, Level Poster.



  • Rohullah Bayat

He got his Bachelor in Theoretical Economics, Master in Economics and Development Planning from Iran and Ph.D. of Macroeconomics from the UK, the University of Bath. He has joined, as an academic staff member, to Imam Khomeini International University (IKIU) since 1992.

  • Rohullah Bayat

Some of his publications are:

  • Bayat, Rohullah and Ali Reza Ziaie Moayyed (2017), "Conflicts in the Middle East and the Performance and Future of D8 Group" The Quarterly Journal of Political Studies of Islamic World, No.1, spring 2017.

  • Bayat, Rohullah and Mahsa Marani, (2016) "Investigating the Impact of Effective Brand Association on Tourism Destination Image Formation among Domestic Tourists Based on Tourism Destination Branding (Comparative Study of Qazvin and Isfahan)", (2016), The Quarterly Journal of Tourism and Development, Vol.5, No.7. Summer 2016.

  • Bayat, Rohullah, Somayeh Mohebbi and Pegah Bakhshandeh, 2015, "Local Financial Development and Economic Growth in Iran: An Application of Generalized Method of Moments (GMM)” Indian Journal of Natural Sciences, Vol.5/Issue 30/June 2015.

  • Bayat, Rogullah and Elham Sadeghian, (2015) " Comparative Study of Trade Capacities Estimation between Iran and D-8 Countries Based on Common Patterns of International Trade", Quarterly Journal of Economic growth and Development Research, Vol. 6, No. 21, pp 79-92.

  • Bayat, Rohullah et al. (2014)" The Impact of Relational Capital on Commitment and Loyalty International Journal of Management and Humanity Sciences. Vol., S No.4, pp. 4104-4113.