Deliverables › Work package 1: Kick-off meeting




D1: Consolidated work plan and status report.

D2: Meeting minutes with action item list and a responsible person for each item.

D3: Steering Committee (established).

D4: Quality Control Group (established).

D5: MoU/MoA drafted.

D6: Overall data and functionality requirements for emGeo.


  • Holding Kick-off meeting
  • Establishing project's Steering Committee (SC)
  • Organizing the Quality Control group and selecting of the members.

Related assumptions and risks

  • Project partners and participants need to attend the kick-off meeting to start and detail plan the project.
  • Associate partners are welcome to attend the meeting either physically or online e.g., through Skype.
  • Associate partners will not be paid for attending meetings.
  • Kick-off meeting take place at Lund University as LU is project coordinator.
  • Overall responsibilities among participant and partner countries will be discussed and agreed in the kick-off meeting.
  • No major risk for kick off meeting is predicted except political instability in partner and participant countries.