Deliverables › Work package 5: Training of Trainers




D1: High quality Teaching of Teachers (ToT).

D2: Improved capacity of teachers.

D3: Improved capacity of experts on application of SDI-T.


Three ToT programs have been considered in this project. Having ToT in the partner countries, in a way, ensures the active attendance of teachers and also helps in reducing the costs. However, due to the unstable situation and security issues in Yemen, organizing ToT in Yemen is impossible for now. So two ToTs will be organized in Iran, in which Iranian and Yemeni partners attend, and one ToT will be organized in Lisbon, specifically for Yemeni partners. Equal opportunity, gender balance issues, is mostly controlled in the project.

Related assumptions and risks

- After the development of the innovative and blended courses, teachers in the partner universities and associate partners will be trained. This work package improves teaching skills capacity of teachers and also guarantees lifelong learning and continuous education. ToT for courses will be organized in two ways:

  1. ToT by EU participant universities for partner universities.
  2. ToT by partner universities for other universities in the region (later and upon agreement between them).

- After the development of the environmental management Geoportal (emGeo), a ToT is required for partner universities to be able to support stakeholders.

- Partner universities need detailed information about Bologna process and its advantages, to be able to convince HEIs in the region to use the framework.

- A minor risk might be relevant to the language skills of the local attendees in ToT. Some teachers at the partner universities do not speak English well. It may be difficult to communicate with them. This is a small risk, since there are also English speaking teachers in the partner universities who can help with translation (note that technical language is also required). Also, Persian and Arabic speaking persons are available at European universities which can help with language issues, if needed.