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D1: Need analysis report

D2: Outlines of the course

D3: Course development groups and leaders

D4: Cooperation and communication arrangements

D6: Need analysis report for emGeo

D7: emGeo functionalities determined


According to the consolidated work plan and the kick-off meeting conclusions, partner universities start collecting needs for developing SDI-T courses on environmental management from associate partners and stakeholders within the period of 15 January to 15 February, 2019. The following activities will be conducted to reach the objectives:

  • Setting meetings with associate partners and stakeholders (other responsible organizations on environmental management) as early as possible.
  • Visiting associate partners and stakeholders.
  • Presenting applicability of modern, innovative SDI-T for environmental management.
  • Discussing and analyzing skills and knowledge gaps related to environmental management using SDI-T. This will be used for developing courses.
  • Discussing and analyzing the base data and functionalities needed for emGeo.
  • Discussing and analyzing available resources and infrastructure at partner universities and stakeholders for running and using online courses.
  • Preparing report.

Related assumptions and risks

Detailed information about the current status in Iran and Yemen as well as the needs required for the design of courses and the design of the environmental management Geoportal (emGeo).


  • Information collection and needs analysis may be slow because of bureaucratic challenges, e.g., waiting for permissions. These may be solved by providing better communications and high level of commitment and cooperation with national authorities. We have also considered enough time to be able to do the tasks with good quality.