Deliverables › Work package 4: Course development




D1: Innovative campus, e-learning, and blended courses on SDI-T for environmental management.

D2: Translated versions of the courses to the local languages.


The project members will develop innovative blended courses focusing on needs and requirements of stakeholders related to environmental management in the Middle East. The regional partners and the European participants will assign the most qualified staff at the universities and other required facilities for the best possible development of the courses.

For the development of courses, existing course material, recent research publications, knowledge and experiences of the developers, etc. will be used to get the most proper and innovative results. Course development groups will be in continuous contact with each other, through the course coordinators, to discuss the procedures and issues. This will mainly be done through communication channels such as Skype and e-mail. Course developers will attend meetings to discuss course development face-to-face as well as presenting the outcomes and results.

The following courses will be developed during the project (to be approved by the steering committee).

  • SDI-T for environmental change monitoring
  • SDI-T for environmental impact assessment
  • SDI-T for collaborative environmental management

Related assumptions and risks

A working group will be created for the development of each course. Each group consists of 10 academic staff, one from each partner and participant universities. Representatives from associate partners (no cost) and pilot students (assessment) will be added to the groups. In each group, a participant university will be the course coordinator.

There is no identified major risk for the development of courses. A minor risk may be relevant to information gaps related to the environmental conditions of the Middle East. However, regional course developers will be able to find reliable data and information, which are useful/necessary for the course development.

Additionally, accreditation of the courses may take much time due to bureaucracy.