Deliverables › Work package 9: Dissemination and exploitation




D1: Project website and Facebook page.

D2: Project book.

D3: Improved capacity in higher education.

D4: Improved capacity of environmental management.

D5: Improved capacity of employability.

D6: Improved culture of university-enterprise cooperation.

D7: Lifelong learning.

D8: Improved international cooperation and created international network.

D9: Improved quality of education and teaching.


At the initial stage of the project the following dissemination activities will be conducted:

- After the kick-off meeting, regional partner universities will visit and meet associate partners and stakeholders, to perform needs analysis (see WP2). In these visits/meetings, the aim and objectives of the project and their importance of the Middle East will be explained. Also, the innovative character of the project will be described and disseminated.

- The project website will be created by ENSG-IGN in the second half of January 2018. Project description, as well as the progress and outcomes of the project, will be disseminated through the website. This means that it will be a continuously updated site. In addition, a social network page such as Facebook will be created. This will be used not only for dissemination purposes, but also for expanding the network and keeping the network even after the project.

One technical staff from ENSG-IGN will take responsibility for the maintenance of the website. The required working time for the maintenance is one day per month.

Related assumptions and risks

Dissemination activities will be carried out at the beginning, during, as well at the final stages of the project.


- Accreditation of the courses may slow due to bureaucratic issues.

- Environmental data may be categorized as national security data, by partner countries, and hence data sharing in emGeo may be challenging (low risk).

- Insufficient electricity supply in Yemen may cause ineffective use of e-learning system during and after project lifetime.