Deliverables › Work package 6: Setting up e-learning system




D1: Up and running e-learning system.

D2: Trained staff.


For the partner universities to be able to offer the developed courses online, an e-learning system will be set up in each university. This system can later be used for offering other courses, online, by the partner universities. In this way, one of the regional priorities of using ICT based practices is also met. The system will consist of one Learning Management System (LMS), and one administrative system, linked together. Lund University already has a student – teacher communication and administration (AC) system which will be installed for free as self-contribution. The LMS to be installed is Moodle, open source software, which will be set up at no license cost.

One technician from Lund University GIS Centre will travel to University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran to set up the system as well as how to use e-learning system.

Related assumptions and risks

- The partner universities have prepared (from equipment’s budget of the project) required equipment (server, camera, software, etc.) for setting up the e-learning systems.

- Access to internet is available in Iran

- Unstable internet in Yemen.