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D1: A well-managed and organized project

D2: Clear/correct financial status of the project, up to date book-keeping.

D3: Democratic decision-making.


The steering committee meetings will take place together with scheduled preparedness, development or dissemination meeting events. Thus, no travel and stay cost or working day cost is applied for the meetings of the steering committee. This is a way to increase the cost-effectiveness of the project. Additional needed/urgent meetings will take place through Skype or other agreed communication tools.

Related assumptions and risks

- A project coordinator is needed for the coordination.

- A steering committee, chaired by the project coordinator, guarantees the democracy in decision-making and project management.

- An overall manager is responsible for financial operations and distribution of funds according to the budget, also responsible for all organizational and logistic matters.

- In some cases, a regional coordinator from partner universities can perform overall management, communication, reporting, and organizational arrangements in ME more efficiently than a European person.


- Conflicts during the project. In case, the project coordinator will negotiate and settle the conflict.